“To say that I’m impressed with Roberto’s work is an understatement. His work has been completely brilliant, he is a true professional – a maestro. And the best results have actually been over the last month. I’m delighted, and feel free to forward this email to him”. – GU

For a dermamelan mask – “After two weeks, my skin looks incredible!  The brown patches on my forehead have vanished and the brown spots on my right cheek have faded and am confident will disappear.  My skin looks fresher, reduction in pores, giving me a much younger look and feel. My skin is so good in fact it looks better without any makeup on, which I wasn’t expecting at all.  It is such an easy treatment, only using the maintenance cream at night, whilst ensuring you keep your skin properly moisturised with the X118 serum and importantly, apply a complete sun block each day.  So far, I can highly recommend it”. – Sam Blomfield-Smith

“I knew I  was in good hands so I felt very relaxed. I could not be happier with the outcome ! – M.W, London

“I have been going to Dr Roberto Viel and Dr Maurizio Viel at LCAS for several years now, both in Dubai and London. I have always been incredibly impressed with the treatments offered, the level of professionalism and the fabulous results. I am also thrilled that with the arrival of Medi-Lift at their Harley Street clinic they can now take care of my body too. I can personally vouch for the fat melting machine, which has done wonders on my tummy. I can’t recommend LCAS highly enough, there is no one else I would trust with my looks!” – H F-P 

“I was very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr Roberto Viel. The results of my face lift turned out as just as I’d hoped they would. The nurse too was friendly, helpful and extremely competent.”  – C.O, London