LPG Endermologie

Proven by more than 85 scientific studies, Endermologie is the science of cellular stimulation. It reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin (mechano-stimulation) which is painless and non-invasive.

What is LPG Endermologie?

Endermologie was originally developed and undertaken in France, became highly sought after in America, and is more recently available in England. The treatment is undertaken twice weekly by a specialised physiotherapist or nurser.

Why do Drs Viel use it?

Drs Roberto and Maurizio Viel have now been working with LPG Edermologie for the past 20 years especially those who have undergone the VASER liposuction procedure.  This helps to reduce fluid and to help reduce scar tissue around the areas where fat has been removed giving a softer result. On average ten to fifteen visits are required and an excellent improvement is possible. This treatment has been proved to be extremely effective to compliment liposuction, when used before and after the operation, as it shortens the recovery period by 50 percent.

For more information about endermologie or if you would like to book a plastic surgery consultation with Dr Maurizio Viel or Dr Roberto Viel please find the clinics’ details listed below.  Dr Maurizio Viel also sees patients at the Atlantis Hotel Dubai, UAE.

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